Helon BAY51-Fluorescent Explosion Proof

Glodok Exproof Product

Helon BAY51-Fluorescent Explosion Proof  merupakan lampu LED Explosion Proof yang dapat diandalkan untuk berbagai kebutuhan indsutri, komersil maupun tempat-tempat lain yang membutuhkan penerang dengan keamanan yang baik.

Helon BAY51-Fluorescent Explosion Proof

IMPLICATION Helon BAY51-Fluorescent Explosion Proof

  1. Division 1, Division 2, II A, II B class explosive gases, and/or 20 area, zone 21, 22 area in swich combustible dust place.
  2. Temperature classes : T1 ~ T6:
  3. Indoor, outdoor ( IP54, IP65* when ordering puts forward );
  4. Used in the chemical, oil, marine oil platform, tankers, military industry, and dangerous place illume with.

PRODUCT FEATURES Helon BAY51-Fluorescent Explosion Proof

  1. The alluminium alloy enclosure high-pressure electrostatic plastic-sprayed surface, stainless steel exposed fasteners, beautiful shape,
  2. The special structure, fast changing tubes, according to requirements made up with lamps could adjust the way, in the replacement of a lamp when, can will lamps end down,
  3. The fluorescent ligh source adopts the latest generation of T5 energy-saving fluorescent tubes, has the following features :A) High photosynthetic efficiency, more in line with the actual lighting environment, tube efficiency can be as high as 104 Im/W;B) Has long switch frequency and service life, life is as high as 24000 hours;C) Has the very high lumens maintenance ratio, light failure slow, 10000 hours after the lumen maintain rate is as high as 92%, 20000 hours later still can be amounted to 85%;D) Improve beam distributor, show color of the high and energy conservation and environmental protection, 28 W T5 tubes flux of more than 36 W 8 lamp tube flux;
  4. According to user requirements equipped with emergency device, when the outside without electricity, lamps to switch to an emergency lighting condition;
  5. Steel tube or cable wiring.