BDM12 Cable Gland Explosion Proof (Armoured)

Glodok Exproof Product

BDM12 Cable Gland Explosion Proof (Armoured) banyak digunakan dalam lingkungan yang keras dan berbahaya ( Hazardous Area Zona 1, Zona 2, Zona 21, Zona 22 ), dari Industri Minyak Bumi , Industri Petrokimia , Industri Perkapalan , Industri Pertambangan , Industri Militer , Industri Metalurgi , Industri Pembangkit Listrik , Industri Transmisi Listrik , Industri Kereta Api , Keamanan Publik dan Api Pemadam Kebakaran, dll

BDM12 Cable Gland Explosion Proof

Spesifikasi BDM12 Cable Gland Explosion Proof

    II2 GD / Exd IIC / Exe II / Ex A21 / IP66 / IP67
    Allowable temperature on the elastomeric sealing ring :
    100*C ( ATEX ), 120*C ( GOST R ) (CNAS) (PCEC)
    According to BS, IEC & CENELEC
    Suitable for use in Zone1, Zone2,
    Suitable for use in Gas Groups, IIA, IIB, and IIC
    IECEx KOSHA ( IECEx KOS 09.0018x )
    ATEX NEMKO ( 03ATEX 1460x )
    KIMM ( EX08FLP196 ) GOST R

All dimentions in millimeters ( except for type NPT ), Each gland size can accept only one specific elastomeric sealing ring.

    Brass / Nicked Plated Brass / Stainless Steel
    Lock Nut, Sealing Washer, Earth Tag, Shroud, Lead Sheath Washer, Serrated Washer, Stppping Plug, Reducer, Adaptor.
    ( Gland Type / Size & Entry Thread Size )
    e.g. Helon BDM Series Cable Gland Explosion Proof Armoured Non Armoured BDM7 BDM8 BDM11 BDM12, OSCG Cable Gland Explosion Proof Series OSNJ-A2F E1WF Armoured Non Armoured
    Option : Diameter Outline and Inline 4-104mm