BAD82 Explosion Proof Lightings

Glodok Exproof Product

BAD82 Explosion Proof Lightings adalah salah satu produk yang di Jual oleh kami sebagai distributor explosion proof selalau memberikan produk – produk berkualitas dan dapat diandalkan untuk berbagai kebutuhan di sektor industri, pertambangan, maupun area komersil.

BAD82 Exlosion Proof Lightings

FEATURES BAD82 Exlosion Proof Lightings

  1. Alluminium alloy enclosure, high pressure electrostatic plastic sprayed surface, stainless steel exposed fastener.
  2. Prism anti glare toughened glass stands 4J impact.
  3. Silicon rubber sealing strip.
  4. The lamp body use wireless connection structure with installation accessories, all installation mode accessories can be interchangeable and universal,easy for installation  and maintenance.
  5. Integrated lamp, ballast and triggers.
  6. Instalation Mode;G-Pendant pole type, X- Ceilling type, D3-Pendant chain type, F-Flange type, h-Fence type, B-Wall type (adjustable angle), B1-Wall type 30*, B2- Wall type 90*.
  7. Entry thread: G3/4, NPT3/4, M25x1.5.
  8. Rated Voltage(V); 220/230*/240*.
  9. Rated Power(W); High Pressure Sodium Lamp 70, 100, 110, Metal Halide Lamp 70, 100, 150, High Pressure Mercury Lamp 50, 80, 125.
  10. Ex d II C T4 Gb, Ex tD A21 IP66 T1 30*
  11. Zone 1 and Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22
  12. IP66 (Proposed while ordering)