Appleton™ PRE Series 16 Amp Plugs and Sockets

PRE Series 16 Amp Plugs and Sockets use a pin and sleeve design to deliver safe power to stationary and portable equipment such as lighting systems, conveyors, heating and air conditioning equipment, compressors, pumps or motor generators. Suitable for use in damp, wet or corrosive environments, PRE plugs and sockets are keyed and color coded per IEC directives. The sockets are available in wall-mount, flush-mount and mobile versions.


  • Plug and socket system is designed with a safe disconnect mechanism to insure maximum hazardous location protection
  • The contact separation is in a flameproof chamber
  • The automatic electrical disconnection of each phase is contained in a second flameproof chamber
  • Short circuit protection is 20 kA, while normal reference is 10 kA
  • Different voltages are color coded for easy identification
  • The receptacles are keyed to accept only ATX plugs (other plugs cannot be inserted)
  • ATX plugs can be used in non-hazardous IEC 309 sockets
  • Operating temperature of -40 °C to +55 °C (-40 °F to +131 °F)


Area Classification
Zone 1 and 2 – 21 and 22; Ex II 2 GD; IP66; IK09/10
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to +55 °C (-40 °F to +131 °F)
20/25 Vac, 20/50 Vac, 40/50 Vac, 100/130 Vac, 200/250 Vac, 380/415 Vac, 480/500 Vac or 50/500 Vac
Number of Poles
2, 3
Number of Wires
3, 4, 5
50/60 or 300 to 500 Hz
Materials and Finishes
Wall Socket for 2P – 2P+E – 3P is high impact resistance polycarbonate. Wall Socket for 3P+E – 3P+N+E: high impact resistance fiberglass reinforced polyester. Polyamide plug, mobile socket and flush socket.
Glodok Exproof Product