BZM10 Switch Explosion Proof

Glodok Exproof Product

BZM10 Switch Explosion Proof adalah salah satu produk yang di Jual oleh kami sebagai distributor explosion proof selalau memberikan produk – produk berkualitas dan dapat diandalkan untuk berbagai kebutuhan di sektor industri, pertambangan, maupun area komersil.

BZM10 Switch Explosion Proof

APPLICATIONS BZM10 Switch Explosion Proof

  1. Can be used in zone 1 and zone 2, group II A, II B and II C explosive atmosphere and zone 20, zone 21 and zone 22 flammable dust atmosphere.
  2. Temperature class : T1 – T6
  3. Indoor or outdoor ( IP54, IP65* indicate it when ordering )
  4. Can be used in the chemical, petroleum refining, petroleum exploitation, offshore platform, tankers, military industry and other dangerous place

FEATURES BZM10 Switch Explosion Proof

  1. Enclosure is cast with alluminium alloy, surface is sprayed with plastic by high pressure static, stainless steel exposed fixed parts.
  2. Built-in flame-proof switch components.
  3. With perfect dust, water proof functions.
  4. Wiring with steel tube or cable.